kuya [koo-yah] : filipino term for big brother.

Kuya is a term that's used for family. It's a sign of respect and represents a message of inclusiveness and closeness. These are the things that I want my business to entail.

I created Kuya Kollective to be a platform that is able to cultivate the minds of creative nomads like myself. Networking with the right people can open up many opportunities for you and your business. Kuya Kollective connects you with local entrepreneurs that are looking to collaborate in order to promote mutual growth. 

I aim to work with people who have a desire to grow in their respected professions. for inquiries, email contact@projectkuya.com and join the kollective. 




robin uata



beyhive enthusiast.

i'm a plethora of contradictions.

i'm a tongan pacific islander from utah that speaks a filipino dialect called bisaya.

i'm a fashion stylist that hates purchasing any clothing item over $10. #thrift

my favorite hobbies include eating food and complaining about how much weight i'm gaining.