Photographer: Tyson Call (@clancycoop)

Ayana Ife (@ayanaife) is an amazing fashion designer from Salt Lake City, Utah. I had the opportunity to work very closely with her as we both participated in Utah Fashion Week and showcased together in the Urban Streetwear Fashion Show. Her work is impeccable!

When I heard that Ayana would be participating in Season 16 of Project Runway, I was so excited and proud! She deserves this opportunity to share her talent and all of you are going to see that for yourself on television. She'll be competing against some amazing talent but I have no doubt that Ayana can hold her own against the tough competition.

Something that gives Ayana a unique advantage is the fact that she focuses on modest fashion! In the fashion industry, it's not the easiest thing to create sexy, modest clothing but Ayana does just that. She is able to bring this beautiful aesthetic to the forefront of the fashion world through Project Runway. This is going to be an incredible platform for her as a designer.

I have seen her work with my own two eyes and it is absolutely inspiring. You should all tune in and watch the premiere of Project Runway Season 16 tomorrow!

If you'd like to read a little bit more about Ayana, check out the article that written about her in SLUG Magazine (@slugmag) earlier this year!





Sarah Burroughs is a local designer out here in Salt Lake City, Utah and is the creator of Made. Made is an incredible brand that makes unique bags and home decor. By utilizing unconventional materials, Sarah helps provide work for local refugees. By cultivating, nurturing, and embracing others' talents, Sarah is able to make a huge impact not only fashionably, but ethically by teaching sewing skills to women in Uganda, and is heading to India to do it once again! Once known as Anne B Designs, Sarah began re-branded, and Made (@choosemade) was created.

I first met Sarah at fashion show in 2016 and was so excited to finally have the opportunity to work with her. She gave me the opportunity to collaborate with her on a photo shoot for her re-branding launch. As a stylist, I help brands collaborate so that all of us can experience cross promoting through social media. I incorporated looks from @byshaousa for this shoot, and I'll be blogging about these looks as soon as I get the chance!

Sarah also enlisted the help of Myles Ozo (@mylesozo) as a videographer to create a promo video for her launch. He was able to put together this incredible video so be sure to check it out at the bottom of this post!

Made officially launched yesterday! Their site is now up and running (www.choosemade.com) and they have a promotion for 15% off your entire purchase until August 4th! You can use promo code: GOCHOOSEMADE for your discount.

Sooooo...check out their site and treat yoself! #kuyakollective #choosemade

Videographer: @mylesozo

Models: @lindseyozo & @neenaearl

Stylist: @kuyakollective


Davis Hong is an amazing fashion designer in Salt Lake City that offers you maximum style with minimalist designs. I've been able to meet him on multiple occasions at several different fashion events. He has been in the process of re-branding and he'll be launching his clothing line Byshao (@byshaousa) in Spring 2018.

Shao (少) in Chinese means less - it's also part of Davis' name, hence, By + Shao! It's a clever/witty play on words for his clothing line and I'm excited to see what Davis will be working on this upcoming year! Make sure you stay updated by checking out Davis' site, www.byshao.com.

When I first started Kuya Kollective, Davis was one of the first fashion designers that I reached out to. His clothes are truly one-of-a-kind. I wanted to mess around aesthetically with his clothing to change the vibe a little bit. I love experimenting with style and trying to push certain boundaries that help me to step outside of my comfort zone.

Starting with a sleek, chic, grey dress, I wanted to tone it down a bit and get more of a casual, everyday look. I paired the dress with some black Doc Marten boots and a hat. It was a very simple look that packed a punch!

Of course my model, Moe (@moee.m), came with her A-game to this photo shoot that we did at the Fashion Place Trax Station. The images captured are from Mario Vega (@vega35mm) and Sumner Mahaffey (@sumner.design). With this powerhouse of talent, we were able to put a street styled spin to some of Davis Hong's classic pieces! 

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Here are some of my favorite shots from this shoot! Left column was taken by Sumner. Right column was taken by Mario! Let me know what you think!


My personal aesthetic is very urban. When I do shoots, I often like to work in areas in the city that have a very chic and worn down look. My personal preference and aesthetic shifted my creativity into a very comfortable position. As an artist, you should continue to push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to discover new things that may change your perspective. In order to do that, I had switch things up.

I wanted to introduce you guys to two amazing photographers, Lyle Lokeni (@been.801) and Kara Schumacher (@leishu). I've been following both of these guys for quite some time and finally had the opportunity to shoot with both of them. Both of them have a very wanderlust vibe to their photos. The majority of their photos are taken out in nature, and so I knew that it would be a great opportunity to work with that.

We drove up American Fork Canyon and wandered in the wilderness for what felt like 40 days and nights. When we finally found a spot, we were surrounded by neature and all of it's glory! I had no idea where to start because I've never really done a shoot out in the wilderness before. I was completely out of element, and I realized this is exactly where I needed to be.

We had an amazing time experimenting with different views and perspectives. It was great to inhale the fresh air, walk by the river and into the fields in order to shoot some of Melody Noy's (@melody.noy) dresses on my younger sister (@luisa_uata). The shoot definitely turned out whimsical. I loved shooting outdoors, and so I definitely want to keep experimenting and trying new things.

Let me know what you guys think! The first four pictures were taken by Lyle and the second set were taken by Kara.


Question: Why do you think it's important to feature all people of color in fashion and beauty publications?

This was the question that I was asked for Color Story Magazine. I replied...

" What is considered beautiful? This is something that many people ask themselves, including myself. If beauty comes in many shades, then I want to see the whole spectrum, not just part of it." 

Color Story Magazine is a publication that helps us see the whole spectrum. I was in awe, going through their first publication and seeing all the diversity and culture that was being introduced through this magazine. Seeing all of these people hustle to share their vision as artists was inspiring!

If you're an aspiring artist, remember that you can do it! Everyone has to start from the beginning. Everyone has to learn more about their craft. And everyone needs to know that there is a whole of community of people out there that are cheering for you, waiting to see you succeed.

Huge shoutout to Color Story Magazine (@colorstorymag)! I want to thank Mario Vega (@vega35mm) for submitting our photos from our collaboration to be included in this publication. I also want to give a shout out to Kerry Kalu (@kerrykalu) for absolutely slaying each photograph like the confident woman that I know she is! THANK YOU!

If you'd like to purchase a copy or PDF version of the magazine, I've attached the link below!