Photographer: Tyson Call (@clancycoop)

Ayana Ife (@ayanaife) is an amazing fashion designer from Salt Lake City, Utah. I had the opportunity to work very closely with her as we both participated in Utah Fashion Week and showcased together in the Urban Streetwear Fashion Show. Her work is impeccable!

When I heard that Ayana would be participating in Season 16 of Project Runway, I was so excited and proud! She deserves this opportunity to share her talent and all of you are going to see that for yourself on television. She'll be competing against some amazing talent but I have no doubt that Ayana can hold her own against the tough competition.

Something that gives Ayana a unique advantage is the fact that she focuses on modest fashion! In the fashion industry, it's not the easiest thing to create sexy, modest clothing but Ayana does just that. She is able to bring this beautiful aesthetic to the forefront of the fashion world through Project Runway. This is going to be an incredible platform for her as a designer.

I have seen her work with my own two eyes and it is absolutely inspiring. You should all tune in and watch the premiere of Project Runway Season 16 tomorrow!

If you'd like to read a little bit more about Ayana, check out the article that written about her in SLUG Magazine (@slugmag) earlier this year!




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