b e l o v e d

Venz and I will be tying the knot in October! We recently got our engagement pictures back and we couldn't be more excited. They turned out way better than we expected. All of the pictures we got were stunning! We're so thankful that we chose @kaceysmithphoto to be our photographer. She was able to capture everything so perfectly!

The photos turned out perfect, but the moments leading up to the photo shoot weren't. As a stylist, Venz and I were really struggling on deciding what we should wear. We have very different aesthetics and our opinions clash every - single - time! So once again, we were at a crossroads.

Before the shoot, we wanted to see if we could find an outfit for Venz and it was probably the most stressful shopping experience I've ever had. Yes, that's including all the Black Friday sales that I've attended. We went to multiple stores, having Venz try on the smallest possible size available and everything was still too big on her! It's not just the fact that she's skinny, but short too! Hahaha. So after our many failed attempts, I decided to raid her closet and just work with what we've got.

I ended up just picking out a pair of jeans and a dress from her closet and just tried to match her. By some miracle, the outfits worked perfectly for the location! We decided that we wanted to do our engagements at Little Sahara. The desert sand dunes were the perfect touch and I'm so glad that we decided to go there.

Our photographer, Kacey, was such a trooper! Little Sahara was about an hour and half drive away and she went early to go scout out the location. She was so easy to work with and helped Venz and I feel 100% comfortable being ourselves. She did such an amazing job and I hope you guys agree! Seeing these photos just makes my palangga (beloved) and I so excited for our wedding day!

Many of you have asked if I could share more pictures from our engagements and so I thought I'd share some of my favorites. Hope you guys enjoy! If you appreciate these photos as much as we do, give our wedding photographer a follow on Instagram (@kaceysmithphoto)! Make sure to check out her website too (https://kaceysmithphoto.squarespace.com/)!