b l u e

Utah has such a huge creative community! I've been working as a stylist for a little over three years and have been able to meet so many creatives at different events. I love when opportunities arise from out of the blue, allowing me to work with others on different projects.

I was excited when Mateo and Kaden hit me up to collaborate on a photo shoot to help style. I've worked with Kaden (@kadenwrightt) multiple times at different fashion shows and photoshoots. This was my first time working directly with Mateo (@mateo.ewell). I've met him at multiple fashion events as well, so it was cool to finally get to work on a project together with him. They enlisted the help of a local photographer named Katy (@katygphotos) to help us out!

We initially were not going to shoot here. We tried to go to this old abandoned building but there were a ton of NO TRESPASSING signs everywhere and we decided that we didn't want to get arrested so we went to Plan B which was - walk around until we find something cool. Before going to the abandoned building I saw a lot filled with huge shipping crates and this is where we ended up shooting.

I decided to work with more neutral tones when helping to pick out their outfits. Kaden and Mateo just brought bags of clothes that I could pick from for them. These pictures are so amazing to me because I love that Katy was able to capture this raw/natural beauty in an industrial setting. Noticing the contrast is exquisite!

I think that we often look at photos and lose all sight of the creative process. Instead of saying, "oh, that's a cool picture," we should try to focus on detail and how the image makes us feel. I'm just as mesmerized looking at these photos now as I was at the actual shoot!