Davis Hong is an amazing fashion designer in Salt Lake City that offers you maximum style with minimalist designs. I've been able to meet him on multiple occasions at several different fashion events. He has been in the process of re-branding and he'll be launching his clothing line Byshao (@byshaousa) in Spring 2018.

Shao (少) in Chinese means less - it's also part of Davis' name, hence, By + Shao! It's a clever/witty play on words for his clothing line and I'm excited to see what Davis will be working on this upcoming year! Make sure you stay updated by checking out Davis' site, www.byshao.com.

When I first started Kuya Kollective, Davis was one of the first fashion designers that I reached out to. His clothes are truly one-of-a-kind. I wanted to mess around aesthetically with his clothing to change the vibe a little bit. I love experimenting with style and trying to push certain boundaries that help me to step outside of my comfort zone.

Starting with a sleek, chic, grey dress, I wanted to tone it down a bit and get more of a casual, everyday look. I paired the dress with some black Doc Marten boots and a hat. It was a very simple look that packed a punch!

Of course my model, Moe (@moee.m), came with her A-game to this photo shoot that we did at the Fashion Place Trax Station. The images captured are from Mario Vega (@vega35mm) and Sumner Mahaffey (@sumner.design). With this powerhouse of talent, we were able to put a street styled spin to some of Davis Hong's classic pieces! 

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Here are some of my favorite shots from this shoot! Left column was taken by Sumner. Right column was taken by Mario! Let me know what you think!