Question: Why do you think it's important to feature all people of color in fashion and beauty publications?

This was the question that I was asked for Color Story Magazine. I replied...

" What is considered beautiful? This is something that many people ask themselves, including myself. If beauty comes in many shades, then I want to see the whole spectrum, not just part of it." 

Color Story Magazine is a publication that helps us see the whole spectrum. I was in awe, going through their first publication and seeing all the diversity and culture that was being introduced through this magazine. Seeing all of these people hustle to share their vision as artists was inspiring!

If you're an aspiring artist, remember that you can do it! Everyone has to start from the beginning. Everyone has to learn more about their craft. And everyone needs to know that there is a whole of community of people out there that are cheering for you, waiting to see you succeed.

Huge shoutout to Color Story Magazine (@colorstorymag)! I want to thank Mario Vega (@vega35mm) for submitting our photos from our collaboration to be included in this publication. I also want to give a shout out to Kerry Kalu (@kerrykalu) for absolutely slaying each photograph like the confident woman that I know she is! THANK YOU!

If you'd like to purchase a copy or PDF version of the magazine, I've attached the link below!