These outfits were designed by: (from left to right) @afa.ahloo, @symphonyofstardust, @destrie_dee, and @hivehus.

For all the designers out there, you've probably binge watched many episodes of Project Runway. It's incredible to see what these designers are able to create in a short time frame. Many of us have dreamed of doing Project Runway, but what if we didn't have to wait?

Designer Runway (@designer_runway) was created to challenge the creativity of local Salt Lake City fashion designers. I was able to participate in Designer Runway's first challenge ever as a judge for their runway segment. I had the opportunity to share my critique for the designs that hit the runway and help pick a winner for the challenge.

There were four amazing designers that were able to participate. Their challenge was to incorporate a halter top into their design. They were given a budget to purchase materials and "make it work!" Halfway through their challenge, they were given a second challenge to spice things up. Each designer was given a thrifted item which they had to include in their design!

The designers did amazing! Each of them was able to showcase their own personal aesthetic as their models hit the runway. It was an incredible opportunity to sit with a panel of judges to help pick a winner! As we shared our honest feedback with each designer about their looks, we had to deliberate on who the winner should be.

Ultimately, Afa Ah Loo was crowned the winner of the first ever Designer Runway challenge! He created a unique jumpsuit that looked like it could've been worn on the red carpet. As soon as his model came out on the runway, it was nearly impossible not to keep staring at how stunning this jumpsuit was!

Designer Runway was such a fun experience. It was so good that we'll be doing more challenges with more designers! Stay tuned on February 2nd on Designer Runway's Instagram (@designer_runway) to watch the next challenge live! You'll get to see everything from the introduction of the challenge, the shopping for materials, sewing, and the runway! You won't want to miss out.

We had so many amazing people who were able to help and assist to make it all happen. I'm so thankful I was able to participate in a small way for this event. Shout out to all the talented people that were able to make it a success!

Host: Penny Fuimaono (@pennalicia)

Photographer: Kara Schumacher (@leischu)

Hair and MUA: Ashley Auva'a (@ashleyauvaa)

Judges: Candice Nielsen, Kendall Whittaker, and Tavia Scott