d e t a i l s

I’ve been married for almost a month now. It honestly feels like I just got married a week ago. Over the past month, I’ve been able to share so many precious pictures from our wedding day with all of you on a previous post. All of the photos were taken by our incredible photographer, Kacey Smith (@kaceysmithphoto). We’ve gotten a lot of questions about our wedding and I wanted to share some of the details about our special day.

First things first…Venz’s amazing freaking dress! Believe it or not, but Venz and I were trying to be as thrifty as possible with our wedding. We ended up purchasing a wedding dress off of ASOS. Here’s a link to the dress that we ended up purchasing so you can see what we were working with!

The dress is a crop top maxi dress that was about $150 USD. We loved the lace and the sleeves which gave us a lot to work with! We ended up altering the dress by adding a train with some extra lace fabric that we found at a local fabric shop. My Auntie Lucy did all the alterations and did such an incredible job! The train and the veil looked absolutely stunning! I didn’t see Venz’s dress until we were about to walk out of the Salt Lake Temple and I couldn’t believe how good it turned out! My auntie has always helped us with our weddings; from sewing dresses, to baking cakes, to cooking food. She goes above and beyond…every-single-time!

All of our floral arrangements and bouquets were done by my amazing friend, Maitlyn Mcnabb (@maitlynmcnabb)! She’s a good friend of mine and asked if she could do our floral arrangements and I’m so thankful that she did. Everything she did was incredible. The bouquets turned out amazing! Check it out!

I also wanted to give one last shoutout to the woman behind our wedding cakes! Hollie Olmedo did such an incredible job keeping our cake simple/elegant! Not to mention that it tasted as good as it looked! When she told me that she could do a Biscoff filling, I almost shed a tear!

I’m just so thankful to all the amazing people that were able to help Venz and I have a memorable wedding day. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our amazing friends and family! Thank you to everyone who came through. We love ya’ll!

Much Love,

The Uata Tribe