I had the opportunity to work with Gerardo Sumano (@good_society) who is an amazing photographer from Mexico. I was so excited to work with him because I've seen his work before and became a fan instantly. Gerardo takes some of the best portraits I've ever seen. Everything is crisp, the lighting is always on point, and the moments he captures in a photograph are always unique. 

Not only did I get to work with @good_society, but we also collaborated with Kyle Navarrete (@islandboyphotos). Kyle is also another talented photographer that also works as a model scout. I've worked with Kyle before, and I was excited when he brought along four of his models that he had been working with.

Here are my favorite shots that were taken! I love how each of these models were able to bring something new to the table. From clothing to personal expression, you can see that each of them were photographed beautifully by Gerardo. I'm glad I was able to participate in small way to help style these models for this incredible photo shoot! Be sure to give all of these amazing people a follow!

Preston Harward @p_harward

Preston is one of @islandboyphotos finest! His stare is as mesmerizing as his good looks. You don't know if he wants to punch you or take you on a date. Like I said, mesmerizing.

Amina Nuhanovic @ami_nuh

She's the girl next door with a pinch of the wild side. Everything is on point here! Her hair, her eyes, her body language, I guess her top too because it was designed by yours truly. Haha.

Quinton Bonnett @quinton_bonnett5

I love his blank stare/expression. It looks like he has a million and one questions and I want to answer every single one of them. I love how Gerardo captured Quinton in this portrait!

Ethan Morley @ethanjmorley

Hands down one of my favorite shots. I love the amount of personality that Ethan was able to showcase in this shoot! He brought his fun charisma with his charm and good looks and stole the show.

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