g r u n g e

It was in 1992 that Marc Jacobs launched the grunge collection which ultimately got him fired from Perry Ellis. Not everyone vibed with the aesthetic, but it's what helped Marc Jacobs take his career to the next level. Like Marc, I think as creatives we need to be the same way. Pushing boundaries. Expanding comfort zones. Exploring new aesthetics.

It all started with a tutu that the client wanted to model. I looked at it completely stumped about what the hell I was going to pair it with. As I skimmed through the walk-in closet with all of my options, my eyes locked on a dark green/navy plaid jacket, mustard tights, and rose velvet boots. Something about the plaid and mismatched colors made me think of the Marc Jacobs grunge collection and sparked this crazy thought process.

I walked out of the closet with the outfit in my hands, nervous to see how everyone would respond. At this moment, I questioned my aesthetic. It wasn't until I could hear the positive affirmation that I felt the weight of insecurity slide off my shoulders. 

Basically, I'm just telling you that it's okay to take risks. Marc Jacobs did, and even though he took an L for his job at Perry Ellis, he's been taking Ws ever since then. So skrt skrt to the haters that may question your aesthetic and do you! I couldn't have accomplished this shoot with my super talented friends. Make sure to give them a follow!

Model: @savy.modeling

Photographer: @afa.images

MUA: @ailani.j