j o a n n e

Back in June, I attended the @yuecreateworkshop hosted by @stacieyue in order to learn more about photography. I've been following Stacie Yue on Instagram for quite some time now and have always admired her work. She's a published fashion photographer and so of course I had to attend her workshop that she held up in Sundance at a cabin!

I was able to learn so much at the workshop. It helped me to get out of my creative rut! Stacie had four photoshoots planned for the day. This was our first shoot of the day featuring our beautiful model, @iamjiajingyi!

My aesthetic normally revolves around streetwear in urban settings. So you can see that even with this first photoshoot, I was a little bit outside of my comfort zone. This opportunity allowed me to realize that by not exploring different styles and aesthetics, I was actually crippling myself creatively. In order for me to grow, I have to be willing to experiment!


As soon as I saw this outfit, the first thing that stood out to me was her hat! The reason being because it reminded me the of the hat that Lady Gaga wore on her Joanne album cover. I personally believe that Gaga has released some of her best work through that album! I wanted to use this western twang and give it a more modern/current feel. This album cover was all I could think about when I saw Jing's outfit!

So here are some of my faves that I edited on my phone. Haha. There's still plenty that I could share, but I'll probably just save them for Instagram posts. So be sure to give me a follow @kuyakollective! And make sure to follow to the amazing creative team that helped make this photoshoot possible!

Model: @iamjiajingyi

Stylist: @styledbyabigail 

MUA: @makplock 

MUA: @mikaelamua 

And since we're talking about Joanne by Lady Gaga...give it a listen! Seriously, if this song doesn't hit you in the feels, you're not human!