Photographer: @tayahno

I recently went to a creative meet up in SLC. For those of you not familiar with what a meet up is, let me explain. It's basically just an opportunity for creatives to practice their craft. Photographers, models, bloggers, whoever it may be come together to network and make some art. So I wanted to share my favorite and least favorite things about these meet ups.

My all time favorite thing has got to be running into a familiar face. If you're a creative, you've probably worked with some other talented artists in your area. So when you all end up at the same meet up unexpectedly, it's gonna be lit! You get to catch up with them, see how their work is going, and then work together again!

Photographer: @iamtaylorjenson

Which brings me to wanting to introduce you to my friend, Mars (@marsroots). I first met Mars when I showcased my first collection last year at a fashion show. Since then, I run into Mars everywhere. Haha. So of course when I saw her at the meet up, we had to get a picture together. So shout out to Taylor (@iamtaylorjenson) and Teiano (@tayahno) for capturing these moments! Make sure you follow all three of these beautiful people on Instagram!

However, there's one thing about meet ups that bugs the ish out of me. When you go to a meet up, you should have the mentality to network and try new things. Every now and then I hear someone say something like, "I just want to photograph someone who has a shit ton of followers." Nothing boils my blood more than this statement; causing me to judge you and your work ethic. Statements like that turn a creative opportunity into an Instagram pissing contest.

So here's a word of advice for people who try to dilute their creative process...you can take a picture of the prettiest woman on earth--Beyonce *cough cough*--and it could still be an ugly ass photograph if you don't have the creativity or craft to back it up! Your creativity doesn't need the hype of Instagram models and it sure as hell can't be measured based on how many followers of you have on a social media app.