p a r a t o d o

"With roots stemming from both fashion and philanthropy, we have dedicated ourselves to making functional casual-wear for the modern adventurer, while simultaneously giving back to various humanitarian causes."

Paratodo is a brand that offers fashion with a purpose by offering 25% of all purchases to a charitable cause. This year, they've decided to partner with me to help raise money for my humanitarian project called Project Kuya which focuses on providing hygiene essentials for those in need from the Philippines. I'm so stoked to be collaborating with them to help leave a positive impact! 

They created The Global Relief Collection that is available for purchase right now! Just looking at their amazing designs come to life has left me shooketh. This collection was inspired by the Philippines which makes it even more incredible.

They've done such a dope job at everything and it just wouldn't be right if we didn't show them some love! Make sure to give them a follow on Instagram (@paratodoco) to keep up with their brand. There's so much to look forward to this upcoming year. 

You can shop the collection by clicking on the link below!