Fall is the only season that can make you feel like you're going to die of hypothermia in the morning and then die of a heat stroke in the afternoon. It's this crazy in between stage that poses a question. Is it ever too early to start layering your clothes for fall season? The answer, absolutely the F not! 

I'm a warm blooded, 200+ lb (I'm too ashamed to share my actual weight on here. LOL!) that is cold all year round. I wear layers no matter what season it is. You can cash me outside in summer, rocking layered shirts and a denim jacket. Even when I'm sweating, I will be wearing layers! But no lie, if I had a body like either of these guys in the photos above, I'd wear less and less clothes. Ha! I didn't choose the layered life, the layered life chose me!

Aesthetically, I'm curious as to which you prefer? Do you prefer Ethan's photo on the right or Daniel's photo on the left? If you choose Ethan, is it because it's relatable and looks like something you would wear? If you choose Daniel, is it just because you like the eye candy or is there something more to it? Do we as a society over-sexualize everything that we view in the media? I'm also curious how many woman who do not like to objectify other woman feel comfortable objectifying men based on their appearance. It's always something that intrigued me. What do you guys think?

If you're wanting to follow any of these accounts, I've listed all of their Instagram handles in here. This was a fun shoot that I did a couple months back with @islandboyphotos. He introduced me to the models pictured above @ethanjmorley, @ami_nuh, and @danielhanks. The jacket and top were designed by @byshaousa who is an incredible designer from Salt Lake City, Utah. Make sure to go check them all out!

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