"Work smarter, not harder." -Who Knows

As a fashion designer, I struggled trying to build my business. If you're a young entrepreneur, then you've probably caught yourself overworking, over-stressing, and constantly comparing yourself to others. If you've never felt that way before, then you're a hell of a lot better than I am! These are just a few things that I found myself doing as I started my business, but how was I supposed to overcome these specific obstacles? I felt that I lacked the experience and the network to move forward.

Pictured: Robin Uata (me) @kuyakollective Photographer: Nick Guertin @nick_guertin

Pictured: Robin Uata (me) @kuyakollective

Photographer: Nick Guertin @nick_guertin

When starting my clothing brand, my passion for fashion slowly started turning into a daily chore. I often found myself doing everything other than designing. Having to take care of sewing, branding, social media and model castings had me feeling everything BUT excited. Being an entrepreneur is difficult especially because I still had a full-time job that I couldn't afford to quit.

I realized that I am probably not the only person that feels this way. I decided to take a step back from designing in order to take a deep breath and really think about what I wanted to accomplish with my clothing line and how I could have a better experience. Since then, I've been able to distinguish that my hunger for success mixed with my pride was limiting my opportunities to thrive as a business.

I started thinking about the other amazing entrepreneurs out there, their work, and their struggles. This is where the original idea for Kuya Kollective came about. With entrepreneurs in mind, I wanted to create a business that can help provide content and spotlight some amazing companies and brands. Kuya Kollective is a way for me to contribute to the fashion industry here in Utah in order to promote small businesses.

I want to provide content for local businesses by helping them collaborate with photographers, bloggers, models, and other designers. I want to use Kuya Kollective as a platform for us to help everyone grow. In a creative industry like fashion, we have so much to offer! The struggle is real, but it's so much easier when we're willing to work with each other.

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