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I've recently been getting more and more into photography. In the past, I've just assisted at photoshoots as a stylist, but now I'm exploring a whole new aspect of photoshoots. As of late, I've done a couple shoots and don't necessarily have the tools to help me edit photos like a laptop, lightroom, and photoshop. So I have to work with what I got. But I've found some amazing alternatives that can help you alter your photos!

I wanted to share some photos from a shoot I got to do while attending a workshop by Stacie Yue (@stacieyue). The @yuecreateworkshop gave us so many opportunities to learn about photography. We were able to participate in four photoshoots throughout the day and this was one of them!

For these photos, I used an app called Snapseed. It's a free app that gives you so much freedom to adjust! I've used multiple photo apps on my iPhone, but I would have to say Snapessed takes the cake! Below is an example of a raw image that I took versus the altered image that I edited through Snapseed.

In the pictures above, I used a couple tools that made this process super easy!

Because of the wrinkles in the sheet that we used as a backdrop, Snapseed provides you with a Healing Tool! This allowed me to blend out the wrinkles in the sheet and is also the perfect tool to help hide any blemishes. It's been the most useful tool that Snapseed offers.

Another feature that has been super useful is the Portrait Tool. It allows you to alter lighting and whiten eyes in order to help the subject stand out more.

One more tool that I wanted to spotlight is the Selective Adjustment Tool. This allows you to select certain parts of your photo that you would like to adjust for brightness, contrast, saturation etc.

Below, is another example of an edited image from the same shoot!

There are multiple tools that are available in the Snapseed app, but those are just a couple that I use on almost every photograph. The app has been so user friendly and has been such a great alternative to help alter/edit my pictures. 

The only downside to using Snapseed is that you obviously don't get to have a preset. Each image isn't going to look a little bit different, but I personally like that. I think each image is beautiful in it's own way. What works for one photo doesn't necessarily work for another photo. Of course a preset would be helpful to make things a little easier, but like I said, I'm working with what I got! Haha.

I hope you guys found this helpful! This isn't some type of sponsored advertisement for Snapseed or anything, I just wanted to share my honest thoughts about the app and how much it's helped me! I've included a link to both the Apple Store and Google Play so you guys can check out the reviews yourself.

Give it a try and download it for yourself. If you edit any images, I'd love to see how they turn out! Feel free to DM them to me on Instagram by following @kuyakollective

Of course I wasn't able to take these photos without the help of some amazing individuals. So feel free to give them a follow on Instagram as well!


Models: @thesamben & @kadenwrightt 

Stylist: @stay_co 

Clothing: @louizababouryan 

Florals: @amberreverie 

MUA: @mikaelamua 

MUA: @makplock 

Hair: @styledbyabigail