Summer is quickly coming to a end, but before it does, we need to take a moment and talk about Afa Ah Loo (@afa.ahloo). Afa is a close friend of mine and is one of the most talented designers I've ever met. Afa's niche is the fact that he can sew anything for anyone. He makes high end, tailored clothing that fits like a glove!

He recently wanted to shoot some outfits of his and gave me a call to help out. This was probably one of the coolest experiences I've had as a stylist. Everything came together so well! We had a cool location, beautiful models, and an amazing team that helped the creative thought process come to life.

For this shoot, Afa had invited some other local creatives to join the photo shoot. Sumner Mahaffey (@sumner.creative) and Hannah Thais (@januarymornings) are two very talented photographers that were able to attend. I was able to participate as a stylist while Afa not only designed the clothing, but photographed as well! It was cool to see everyone's unique aesthetic come through in it's own way. Everyone was able to use this photo shoot as a creative learning experience; bouncing ideas off of one another to create art.

Here are some of my favorite photos from these amazing photographers. I hope you guys like em!

Check out some of my favorite pictures from this shoot and give everyone a follow!

Photographer: @afa.ahloo

Photographer: @sumner.creative

Photographer: @januarymornings

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