My personal aesthetic is very urban. When I do shoots, I often like to work in areas in the city that have a very chic and worn down look. My personal preference and aesthetic shifted my creativity into a very comfortable position. As an artist, you should continue to push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to discover new things that may change your perspective. In order to do that, I had switch things up.

I wanted to introduce you guys to two amazing photographers, Lyle Lokeni (@been.801) and Kara Schumacher (@leishu). I've been following both of these guys for quite some time and finally had the opportunity to shoot with both of them. Both of them have a very wanderlust vibe to their photos. The majority of their photos are taken out in nature, and so I knew that it would be a great opportunity to work with that.

We drove up American Fork Canyon and wandered in the wilderness for what felt like 40 days and nights. When we finally found a spot, we were surrounded by neature and all of it's glory! I had no idea where to start because I've never really done a shoot out in the wilderness before. I was completely out of element, and I realized this is exactly where I needed to be.

We had an amazing time experimenting with different views and perspectives. It was great to inhale the fresh air, walk by the river and into the fields in order to shoot some of Melody Noy's (@melody.noy) dresses on my younger sister (@luisa_uata). The shoot definitely turned out whimsical. I loved shooting outdoors, and so I definitely want to keep experimenting and trying new things.

Let me know what you guys think! The first four pictures were taken by Lyle and the second set were taken by Kara.